Let’s face it, every primary bathroom needs a shower and most of my clients do install a bathtub as well, whether they plan to use it or not. But many people don’t put enough thought into choosing the right bathtub. There are several reasons to include a bathtub in your new construction or remodel project. Some homeowners install a tub merely for resale value and never use it themselves. Others design their bathroom around the tub, making it the focal point of the space. And then there are the true bathers, those individuals who love the experience of immersing themselves in a soothing bath and soaking away the stresses of the day. Regardless of why you are purchasing a bathtub, it is an important investment and a decision that should be made thoughtfully. 

I was recently invited to visit MTI baths’ beautiful Woodward Mill House in Sugar Hill, Georgia, where I had the opportunity to experience many of their boutique and designer bathtubs firsthand and tour the manufacturing plants where these amazing tubs are made. All of MTI’s bathtubs, as well as their sinks and shower basins, are handcrafted in Georgia, with materials sourced in the USA. Their innovative approach to design has made MTI a leader in the luxury bath experience, and I can attest that bathing in one of their tubs is indeed an experience. 

In addition to luxurious soaking tubs, MTI offers a variety of hydrotherapy systems, including their stream bath, microbubble system, deep tissue whirlpool bath, and air bath. MTI offers more than two hundred tub models with multiple configurations to meet every client’s specific hydrotherapy needs. Their air bath systems can even be added to a free-standing tub! In addition, MTI’s proprietary air system design and whirlpool cleaning systems ensure their tubs are as hygienic as they are therapeutic.

One of the aspects that sets MTI apart from its competitors is the level of personalization offered. In addition to the hydrotherapy options available on their tubs, you can specify sizing and color, add arm rests, include radiant heating in the back rests, and add any number of accessories to enhance your bathing experience. Because they build and hand craft their products when the orders are received, the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, MTI can bring it to life.

I invite you to visit their website to learn more about MTI and all that they offer. And for the shower people out there, if you ever have the opportunity to experience an MTI bath, you are sure to walk away a lover of the bathtub.