For many homeowners who are embarking on the journey of building a custom home,
furnishings are an afterthought. There is so much excitement around developing the floor plan
and selecting fixtures and finishes, clients aren’t usually in the frame of mind to think about
furniture early in the project. The most successful new home projects, however, consider
furnishings from the very beginning and incorporate furniture plans as well as budgets into the
overall project.

A well-furnished and accessorized home will accentuate the architectural details and carefully
thought out finishes you have selected for your custom home. If you don’t put the same level of
thought and budget into your furnishings that you do on the construction of your home, these
items can detract from the custom look and feel of the space, diminishing both the look and
value of the home in which you have invested so much time and money. You want to be proud
of your new home. You want to enjoy the space where you live, raise your family, and
entertain. To achieve this, furniture, art, and accessories must be as important as the beautiful
countertops, tile, and lighting fixtures that you choose.

Another reason to consider furniture early in the project is budget. Furniture can be expensive,
and it is important to develop a realistic furniture budget for the level of home you are building
so that you can plan accordingly. An experienced interior designer can assist you with your
furniture budget and help you make educated decisions about where to splurge and where to
save on your construction and furniture selections along the way so that you achieve the

overall look you are wanting. At Karen Black Interiors, we can help you develop a realistic
furniture budget early in your project so there are no surprises at the end and you achieve the
truly custom look you are wanting for your new home. Call us today to get started!