Furniture, accessories, and art are integral to creating a finished, well-designed space. Even when clients desire new furnishings for their home, we are often faced with the challenge of incorporating existing pieces into the layout. Many clients have pieces that they want to keep due to sentimental reasons but are not clear how they will work with the aesthetic of the new space. Some clients have quality pieces that are still in style and in good condition. Still others choose to hold on to some of their existing furniture due to budgetary reasons. 

The high-rise remodel featured here is a perfect example of incorporating the old with the new. The client’s existing home was very traditional in feel and, while she desired a more updated look for her space, she had a few sentimental pieces that she was not willing to part with, including the antique table in the entry that she inherited from her mother. Our solution was to boldly juxtapose the traditional with the more modern. 

We incorporated bold chrome pieces to bring in an element of the sleek and modern and introduced a beautiful hand-woven wool rug in a traditional pattern to both ground the space and tie to the more formal elements in the home. The result was an elegant, transitional space that welcomes the new while still cherishing the old. 

Whatever a client’s reason may be for keeping some of their existing furniture, mixing the old and the new is always an exciting challenge and one that we at Karen Black Interiors enjoy taking on.